Cocktail Recipe | The Salem Fizz

When the seasons turn, so do our menus. And, this fall, we've welcomed three new handcrafted cocktails to our list at Prepkitchen Little Italy - the Salem Fizz, Grand L'Orange and Subpoena. All cocktails feature flavors of the season, whether it be spiced apples or the onset of winter's citrus fruits, paired with belly-warming spirits. As we turn the corner into the holiday party planning season, we thought we'd share the recipe to one of these cocktails with you. A nice boozy substitute to a traditional apple cider is our Salem Fizz. Sweet and unsuspecting to look at, this spiced and apple-kissed cocktail disproves its innocence only after it's consumed. Consider yourself warned.

If you'd like to download the recipe card featured above, just click on the link found at the end of this post! Let us know how our cocktail went over with your guests, if you get the chance to make it this fall. We'd love to hear from you! For those of you that just want to enjoy a Salem Fizz without having to make it, come on over to Prepkitchen Little Italy. We'll be more than happy to mix one up for you.

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-WNL Hospitality Team