Prepkitchen La Jolla
7556 Fay Ave
(858) 875-7737 (p)
(858) 875-7738 (f)

Prepkitchen Del Mar
1201 Camino Del Mar
(858) 792-7737 (p)
(858) 792-7738 (f)

Prepkitchen Little Italy
1660 India Street
(619) 398-8383 (p)
(619) 398-8374 (f)

1044 Wall St.
(858) 551-7575 (p)
(858) 551-7016 (f)


Looking for simple catering for home our office, lunch or dinner, think of us.

Food can be picked up in store or ordered through and delivered via Expressly Gourmet (619) 297-2222

We don't typically do in-home serviced catering but we have made exceptions from time to time.

Please see attached menu for general options or see in person so we can create something especially for you.